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About Donzella


Combine a daughter, sister, aunt, mother, grandmother, caregiver, teacher, mentor, coach a fashion guru, and then you have Donzella M. Burton. Donzella is a very passionate and professional individual with over eight-plus years of experience in the Healthcare Industry.



Donzella serves as the Founder of Donzella’s Assisted Living and Healthcare Training Center; where she takes on challenging responsibilities; teaching, training, mentoring, and coaching others on how to start their own assisted living businesses.


When Donzella is not at the training center she is spending her time at either one of her Assisted Living Communities; which she owns. She makes it a top priority to ensure each of her residents are always well taken care of, happy, comfortable, and most of all safe. One of Donzella’s main focuses is to make sure her residents keep as much of their independence as possible; and not treat them as if they are children.



Donzella is a hands-on businesswoman which allows her to create everlasting relationships with her residents and students. She effectively communicates her goals for individuals while guiding them to achieve their personal success. Her goal is to make sure the students that register for her assisted living training courses complete them and feel as though they have gotten their money’s worth and more. She wants them to complete the courses with confidence knowing they will be successful assisted living business owners.



Her fashion-forward thinking has allowed her to become a fashion inspiration for many. When you look good, you feel good and it shows in her work. The “Donzella Brand” has much to do with how you carry yourself as a leader. She sets an example for the upcoming businesswomen and men learning from her. By Donzella dressing for success, she is securing a competitive edge over the next business owner. Her vibrant personality is shown through her wardrobe and informs everyone “she means business”! 

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