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  • Q: How can I contact Donzella Burton?
    A: Mail for Donzella Burton can be sent to her training ceneter, The Training Center, 110 Painters Mill Rd, Suite 210, Owings Mills, Md 21117
  • Q: I would like to book Donzella Burton for a speaking engagement, whom should I contact?"
    A: Please address speaking inquiries to Nya Banks on the Contact Page.
  • Q: I would like to interview Donzella, whom should I contact?"
    A: Please address media, press, and publicity inquiries to Nya Banks via the Contact Page
  • Q. Will Donzella be writing another book?
    A. Yes! This is just the beggining. She has a lot more to tell. She aspires to write a book instructing individuals on how to start thier assisted living business.
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